Blog Posts

  • Of Past & Present

    Another special beer has been born out of our Brewpub, this time drawing inspiration from an 1800s archive recipe of the George's & Co brewery...
  • A Brief History of Mild

    We're super stoked to be releasing our very first mild this week and it seemed the perfect opportunity to delve into the history and heritage of t...
  • The Time Is Near

    The time is near, but unfortunately the time is not yet here. While we are legally allowed to open our bars on the 4th of July, we are going to tak...
  • Brewpub Takeaway Service

    On Friday 10th June we’re going to re-open our Finzels Brewpub for takeaway service only. It’s a huge day for us, as it’s exactly 1 year to the day since we opened our Brewpub for the very first time. Our aims at that time were to create a venue in the heart of Bristol, funded by and created for the local community. We wanted to build a space that sympathetically showcased the buildings heritage while encouraging an open, welcoming atmosphere and vibe.
  • Brewery For Sale.......

    It’s been a pretty hectic couple of months over here. From the shock and horror of the first few weeks of this pandemic, to gradually working to finding a sense of normality within our new world. 
  • A Whole New World

    When we opened our new brewpub just under 1 year ago it was without doubt the highpoint of our business so far. We’d identified a business model we felt had real strength and longevity. Sell the majority of our beer via our own taps, reducing the distance between production and our customers' glass, and minimising the costs involved in distribution.
  • Colouring In Book

    Print off our James Yeo Colouring in sheets to use at home!
  • Project Brewery Part 2

    So we’ve bought all the kit we need to make beer. Brewhouse, FV’s/CT’s, pumps, heat exchangers and bottling line. All we need to do now is wait for it all to arrive and plug it in! Happy days! What, wait..we need a different type of power supply? And drained flooring? And a glycol cooling system? And permission for all this from the landlord? Aw jeez…

  • The Economies Of A Small Brewer

    It’s taken me some time to come to terms with the following, for a number of reasons. As a bar owner (and going back further, bar manager) and a wholesaler for the elite of the UK beer scene, the trend towards packaging wholly or at least largely in keg has been a bone of contention.
  • Project Brewery Part 1

    6 months ago I wrote a blog post setting out our aims and goals for 2017. We’re now 5 whole months in. So where have we got too? Well we’ve spent a lot of money, and we’ve not got any kit to show for it! So a pretty poor start on the face of it, but scratch below the surface and it looks a little rosier.

  • Bottled

    Last year we decided we decided we were going to give bottling a go. We were trying to establish our business, and trying to get our beers into ...
  • Our Tap Room

    Around 6 years ago I went to San Diego and took a tour around some of the best breweries on the planet. The thing that struck me on the trip was not only how great the beer tasted fresh, but how great a community the breweries has managed to build around themselves and how many people took the time to travel to visit their tap rooms.