The Time Is Near

The time is near, but unfortunately the time is not yet here. While we are legally allowed to open our bars on the 4th of July, we are going to take a little more time. We’re working behind the scenes right now to refine the processes and layouts that work best across both our Brewpub and Small Bar, allowing us to offer the safest and most normal experience you can have. We’ll ease back into existence on the evening of Monday 6th July. After almost 3 and a half months of closure we are extremely excited. We are a little nervous too. From day one the foundation of our business has been our interactions with our customers over our own bars. We’ve worked hard to build a business who’s heart sits in customer service and engagement, and in the experience and environment of our bars. When we reopen we’re not going to be able to be what we were. Tasters and chats at the bar will be no more, for a while at least. We’ve always been a rock up and squeeze in kind of place. That’s going to have to change in the short term. Small Bar and the Brewpub offer different challenges, but we’re going to approach them largely in the same way. I’ll detail our plans below, in the hope that when you visit you can get as much from your time with us as possible. Expectation is everything. I hope we can lay out a fair expectation so when you do come by for a beer you’ll understand our processes and our reasoning. If we’ve done our jobs right things may be different, but that won’t make them worse. Our ambition is to improve our service with our new processes, not dilute it. 

The below will apply to all seating including in our courtyard at our Brewpub and in our new pedestrianised area at Small Bar. You will only be allowed access if we are able to allocate you seating. We are not able to offer standing drinking.

  • You’ll be met at our front door by a host, and asked your group size and whether you are a household group. This will allow us to best allocate a table to you. 
  • You’ll be taken to a table (if we have one available) by your host, and given a brief summary of our safety processes. These will be: 
- Place orders via our website
- Enter all party contact details via our website before ordering (this will be checked before fulfillment of first order)
- Please stay at your table.
- Only leave your table to go to the toilet, or to go outside to smoke.
- Please do not move tables, chairs or benches.
- Please ensure all empty glasses and food trays are placed at the end of your table for easy collection.
- Please sanitise your hands at designated areas upon entry, before entering our toilets and again before you leave.
- We will not be taking table reservations. 

We realise there will be many people who will be too uncertain of the new situation to visit pubs. We’re going to do our best to maintain the takeaway service that we have offered over the last weeks, allowing safe access to takeaway beer for people who do not want to face crowds. I’ll detail our processes for this below.

  • Place your order on our website.
  • Meet our host at the entrance to our building. 
  • You will be directed to a socially distanced waiting area.
  • You will have your order brought to you in a contactless service. 

 Some of the things we will be doing for you, that you perhaps won’t see:

  • Rearranging our tables to allow for social distancing.
  • Keeping our team in separate areas to try to minimise risk of quick spread of virus. 
  • Washing hands as frequently as is possible.
  • Wearing gloves.
  • Sanitising our toilets every 30 minutes. 
  • Sanitising tables and seats after each use. 

Finally, a pub should be an environment of relaxation and calm. However, it’s likely to be a little stressful to start, as we all get our heads around the new way of being. Bare with us. If something is not right, flag it. We’ll do our best to fix it. We’ll work super hard to make you comfortable, and help you feel safe. But remember, we’d rather it was the way it was before too. It will be again. But for us to get there, we need to exist like this for a little while in the meantime. So be patient with us and be kind to each other. We’ll all be happier and healthier as a result.