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Our Brewpub

We opened the doors to our brewpub on 13th June 2019, with the aim to create a beating heart at the centre of our business. A place for us to engage and interact with the people who drink our beer, and shorten the distance between production and glass. Our Brewpub was funded by the crowd, with 1500 people investing in our small company. We are incredibly proud to be the custodians of a site that has over 250 years of brewing history within its walls.

We are dog friendly, serving food 7 days a week (details and menu can be found on the Mission Pizza tab) and we have an event space that is available for hire. For enquiries please email events(at)

Please note we do not take table reservations in our main customer area.

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Mission Pizza

hello.............we're on a mission.

A mission to save the planet one pizza at a time. We are small but we are bold and brave. This is not a business, it's a crusade to change people's perceptions, culture and beliefs about food.

Oh and in our opinion we make the finest, artisan, wood-fired vegetarian and vegan pizza you'll taste anywhere.


Our Podcasts

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Blog posts

  • Project Brewery Part 2

    So we’ve bought all the kit we need to make beer. Brewhouse, FV’s/CT’s, pumps, heat exchangers and bottling line. All we need to do now is wait for it all to arrive and plug it in! Happy days! What, wait..we need a different type of power supply? And drained flooring? And a glycol cooling system? And permission for all this from the landlord? Aw jeez…

  • The Economies Of A Small Brewer

    It’s taken me some time to come to terms with the following, for a number of reasons. As a bar owner (and going back further, bar manager) and a wholesaler for the elite of the UK beer scene, the trend towards packaging wholly or at least largely in keg has been a bone of contention.
  • Project Brewery Part 1

    6 months ago I wrote a blog post setting out our aims and goals for 2017. We’re now 5 whole months in. So where have we got too? Well we’ve spent a lot of money, and we’ve not got any kit to show for it! So a pretty poor start on the face of it, but scratch below the surface and it looks a little rosier.