Our Story

At Left Handed Giant we realise we can’t change the world. But we are trying to change the traditional approach to how breweries and businesses are built and run. We are currently a Carbon Neutral company and are continually working to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our offsetting. We are proudly B Corp certified, and are a Mission and Values led company.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission
* We exist to inspire connection, to raise ourselves and those around us, and to work constantly to have a positive impact on our community and our environment.
* This embodies us as individuals and our business.
* We are a Mission and Values led company. These are at the heart of every action we take.

Our Values:
* Our People Before Our Profit, Always.
* Reduce the distance between tank and tap. Create deep, long lasting connections with our customers, and our community.
* Our business will do more good than harm to our planet. We will be a force for positive change, and try to leave the world a little better by our existence.
* We create products and operate premises that place quality and connection at their heart.
* We will stay small, stay independent, and keep our ownership with our founders, our community and our employees.
* We will be humble, recognise we can always be better, and keep it simple. We’re just making beer.



What is B Corp

As a B Corp, we are externally audited and certified by the B Lab as operating to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. To us, it shows our commitment to prioritise our people and our planet ahead of our profit. Our ethics are now written into the fabric of our business, ensuring that every decison we make, from the boardroom, to the brewery, to the bars, is led by our desire for our business to be a force for positive change.  


You can read more about who and what B Corp are here, and you can choose to spend your money with other B Corps by viewing their directory here.

Our Ethics

While we are newly certified as a B Corp, the process and certification speaks to our founding ethics. Our founders Bruce, Jack and Rich set out to create a company which challenged the traditional approach to operating a brewery and a business. Our ethics inform every decision we make. It commits us to being the change we seek, within our business, our community and our environment. Our B Corp certification places us amongst a global community working towards a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

Our Team

Our business is entirely Bristol based, with every member of our team working in the city. We offer industry leading pay and benefits, are entirely transparent in our ownership and accounting, and sell the majority of our liquid through our own bars in Bristol, keeping the heart of our operations here at home, in the city of Bristol.

Our ownership is shared between our 3 founders, our staff and our community, via our 2018 Crowdfund. We are committed to keeping corporate investment out of our company, allowing us to stay true to our founding ethics.


Have Fun, Drink Beer, Be Nice

We are committed to providing safe spaces, and welcoming, rewarding and fun environments. This applies to our team, our customers, and any other persons who visit, attend or frequent our premises. We have Codes of Conduct for our venues, our suppliers and any people who may visit us, holding people accountable for their actions, and encouraging them to align with our social and environmental values