Brewpub Takeaway Service

On Friday 12th June we’re going to re-open our Finzels Brewpub for takeaway service only. It’s a huge day for us, as it’s almost exactly 1 year to the day since we opened our Brewpub for the very first time. Our aims at that time were to create a venue in the heart of Bristol, funded by and created for the local community. We wanted to build a space that sympathetically showcased the buildings heritage while encouraging an open, welcoming atmosphere and vibe. When we opened we could not have envisaged the response you folks gave us. We had queues over the bridge, and the place full to capacity almost every night.. The coming months were a blur of activity, with the building proving more popular than we ever could have hoped. Our new brewery there came on line in October and we were quickly selling over 50% of our entire production over both breweries through the taps down at the Brewpub. The dream that we had strived so hard to create had become a reality.

It is with excitement and some sadness that we look to re-open on Friday. Excitement because it’s a mark of further progress in our communities fight against the virus. Excitement because we love the building and the space, and it’s broken our hearts to see it sit empty and forgotten for the last months. Excitement because one of our core values is working to reduce the distance between the tanks our beer is made in, to you, the person who drinks it. But sadness also, because in the short term the Brewpub will not and cannot be what it once was, and what it will be in time again. When we re-open we’ll allow access into the courtyard where we’ll operate a one way system. We’ll serve through a hatch, and do everything we possibly can to keep you and our team safe. This will mean though that the connection we usually have will be diminished. Where we normally welcome you into our building, we’ll keep you outside and ask you to leave once your purchase is complete. Where normally we take our time and engage passionately about the beer we make and pour, we’ll be behind perspex screens keeping engagement to a minimum. Please know this isn’t our desire. But for the Brewpub to be here in future in the way it once was, we need to be here like this now. Work with us as we find our way in this new environment. Come by and say hello. Buy some beer and some pizza. Remind yourself of some of the things that we are all working towards. Remind yourself of some of the little things that we’ll all have back in the future when we’ve worked through this thing. Remind yourself that beer tastes best from the tank it was made in, and their ain’t nobody slings pies like Mission Pizza.

Opening Hours:

Friday and Saturday 12pm - 9pm

Beer is takeaway, order on arrival. Pizza must be booked in advance directly with Mission Pizza at