Blender - Circadian/Evocations Pack

Blender - Circadian/Evocations Pack

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Try both our latest Blender releases!

ABV 6.0% - 11.0%

Blender - Evocations 6% - A three year barrel aged mixed fermentation saison blended with fresh saison and conditioned on 360g/L of sour cherry and rhubarb. 🌱 - vegan friendly

Blender - Circadian 11% - A blend of 4-year rye barrel-aged and fresh imperial stout. Infused with cold-extract washed Guatemalan coffee, from our friends at Hard Lines. Conditioned on whole Madagascan vanilla pods and Peruvian cacao nibs. Not suitable for vegans - contains lactose

1.5 units per 250ml serving - please drink responsibly