Left Handed Giant -

Who we are

At Left Handed Giant we realise we can’t change the world. But we are trying to change the traditional approach to how breweries and businesses are built and run. We are currently a Carbon Neutral company and are continually working to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our offsetting. We are a pending B Corp, and are a Mission and Values led company.

We brew clean, sessionable beers at our Finzels brewery and innovative, boundary pushing beers at our St Philips brewery. Throughout the beers we brew we have a focus on quality, consistency and drinkability which has gained us an international reputation.

Small Bar is a world renowned craft beer bar showcasing independent UK beer and our Brewpub is one of the most visually impactful brewery facilities around. At the heart of our bars is the passion and enthusiasm of our people. We are known and respected for our engaging, knowledgeable team and atmosphere.

In addition to the above we also operate the Old Bookshop on North St and New Cut Coffee on the Harbourside.

We are committed to sustainable growth and are building a business with the foundation and the infrastructure to exist long into the future. We own 2 city centre premises in Small Bar and our Brewpub at Finzels Reach.

We are proudly a Founder, Employee and Community owned business. We are owned and operated by the people who work in and use our premises, and drink our beer. We have 1500 shareholders in our small company, with more than 80% of them having BS postcodes.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission:

  • We exist to inspire connection, to raise ourselves and those around us, and to work constantly to have a positive impact on our community and our environment.
  • This embodies us as individuals and our business.
  • We are a Mission and Values led company. These are at the heart of every action we take.


Our Values:

  • Our People Before Our Profit, Always.
  • Reduce the distance between tank and tap. Create deep, long lasting connections with our customers, and our community.
  • Our business will do more good than harm to our planet. We will be a force for positive change, and try to leave the world a little better by our existence.
  • We create products and operate premises that place quality and connection at their heart.
  • We will stay small, stay independent, and keep our ownership with our founders, our community and our employees.
  • We will be humble, recognise we can always be better, and keep it simple. We’re just making beer.

Community and collaboration sits at the heart of our business.

Our Carriageworks Vision

We view the Carriageworks premises as a key site witin the community. It is a space that has the potential to support and enhance the vibrant and diverse venues that currently exist. To us the premises should be utilised to create an additional gravity to the area providing a safe and interesting, quality led space for people to congregate and socialise. It is our intention to provide a space that can act as a community hub around which the activities of the development can thrive.

Integrating with the Local Community

It is always our intention to intergrate successfully with local residents. We work hard to ensure that sound proofing and noise levels are managed by professional staff to ensure that venues can exist in partnership with the community. Each premises recieves it's own noise management plan which we are legally oliged via our premises license to ader too. The noise management plan is created in conjunction with exernal consultants, local residents and the council. While it is too early to provide a noise management plan for Carrageworks, you can view an example of our Finzels Reach noise management plan and our Carriageworks license commitments via the button below.

While our venues play music, it is very much in the background designed to be an addition the environment rather than be the primar focus. We are not a music venue, and our primary focus is always to create an environment that encourages conversation. We not sell shots, alcopops, energy drinks or any type of alcohol or container that encourages excessive drinking, and actively do not allow chanting or anti social behaviour in our venues.

Carriageworks, Left Handed Giant and Pizza is Lovely

We will create a space which is quality led. From our product to our service, the venue will provide an offering that presents a real point of difference and gravity within the area. We recognise the historic nature of the location and aim to work with the existing architecture to design a premises that both recognises its history and modernises the space.

One of our core ethos is reducing the distance between tank and tap. We will have multiple serving vessels in the venue, with tank fresh beer for our patrons. Fresh beer tastes best, and reduces our environmental impact. These are both key priorities for Left Handed Giant.

We have formed a partnership with Pizza is Lovely, an exciting Bristol based veg and vegan pizza company. Focusing on regional styles from Detroit, New York and Chicago, their attention to quality and innovation marries perfectly with our own at LHG.

We propose to develop a venue that not only showcases our own beer, but provides a platform for other amazing local producers. Below is a list of some of the producers we will look to work with:

Gin - 


Bristol Distilling


Wine -



Beer -

Bristol Beer Factory

Wiper and True

New Bristol Brewery

Good Chemistry

Moor Beer

Arbor Brewing

Fierce and Noble

Lost and Grounded

Tapestry By Props

Cider -

Sandford Orchards

Burrow Hill Cider

Iford Cider

In addition to our operations as a stand alone bar we intend to use the venue to provide a space to enhance and broaden the local experience

We will integrate with the LHG Run Club to introduce a run from Carriageworks. We currently have over 100 people attend our run club every Tuesday from our Brewpub

We will integrate with the Newtown Park Cycle Club to introduce a weekly cycle out from Carriageworks. We currently have over 30 people weekly ride out from our Brewpub on a Thursday night, and around the same number from New Cut Coffee on a Saturday

We will integrate with local food businesses to offer food and beer pairing and other food highlight sessions within the venue, creating collaborating opportunities and additional draw and gravity to the area

We will offer a discount code to all residents within the Carriageworks development, encouraging them to eat and enjoy drinks at our venue. We want this venue to be viewed as a hub of the community.

We will invite local residents to pre-opening events, allowing them to integrate with and experience the venue prior to public entrance.

We will offer the bar on non peak times as a space for local groups and businesses to meet.

Pub quizzes and Belly Laughs events adding value and interest to lower footfall days of week

Dog walking events to provide a hub for an existing, thriving and underserved community.

Why Left Handed Giant?

We are experienced bar operators with a proven track record of creating individual, innovative venues each with their own character and gravity. We are committed to building a sustainable business with a strong foundation that can exist long into the future. We are investing into a 999 year long leasehold at Carriagworks. We take on venues that we commit major fit outs within and see as key, long term assets within our business. We are Bristol owned and operated, and aim to integrate and improve the communities we opeate within.

While we pride ourselves on our professionalism as brewery and bar operators, we also try to operate our business for the good of our local community and our environment.


Operating to the highest standards of Social and Environmental responsibility

We are the only Bristol based Carbon Neutral brewery. You can read about our environmental efforts via this link.

We are a pending B Corp, having submitted our application in Jan 2023. We are awaiting our audit and expect to be awarded B Corp status within the next 6 months.