9th Birthday Mixed Pack

9th Birthday Mixed Pack

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A mixed pack of our 9th Birthday Collab Beers! 🍻

ABV 6.5% - 8.0%


This year, we've worked together with some of our friends to release 3 delicious collab beers - Whiplash Beer, Double-Barrelled Brewery and Garage Beer Co.

Whether for yourself or for a beer-loving loved one, we're sure you'll enjoy this pack!

Pack includes;

2 x So Interesting - 6.5% Old Ale - brewed with Whiplash Beer.

Our shared passion for historic brewing, brought us to create a rendition of an 1885 Old Ale. Brewed with traditionally floor- malted barley, Kentish Goldings and a traditional Yorkshire ale yeast, before conditioning on oak. This beer is a rich mahogany in colour with layers of treacle, dried fruit and a pleasing spicy hop character to finish. An absolute treat!

2 x Perpetual Light - 6.5% Hazy IPA - brewed with Double-Barrelled Brewery.

Pillowy and tropical is the name of the game for this 9th Birthday celebration. A wheat-heavy, cumulous texture that’s the perfect setting for bursts of white grape and pops of pineapple dankness that accentuate and colour a super-juicy treat. Apricot, Gooseberry & passion fruit

2 x Open Ocean - 8.0% Hazy DIPA - brewed with Garage Beer Co

Joining forces with our friends from Barcelona to explore a combination of US and NZ hops on a full and fluffy base; a perfect way to celebrate our 9th birthday! Featuring an early tank addition (dip-hopping) of liquid extracts, a two-stage dry-hop and a late addition of Hop Kief you can expect bags of floral citrus and a huge range of delicate oils and juicy aromas, expressed to their fullest. Pomelo, Mojito & honeydew melon


Please drink responsibly

🌱  vegan friendly

Thank you for all your continued support, from all of us at LHG x